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The Best Garden Carts Comparison 2022

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The Best Garden Carts Comparison 2022

The garden carts make your life easier. Ideal for transporting objects, tools, remains of branches and leaves, or even to take them to the beach or camping—an essential accessory in any garden that is also versatile to use in any setting.

We go with a comparison of the best quality/price garden carts on the market to get your online shopping right.

What do we have?

The best quality/price garden carts – Comparison

1 Keter – Easy Go 2 Garden Cart – 53 x 58 x 89 cm 2,3 kg ❌

2 TecTake Hand truck transport trolley 500 kg 114cm x 51,5cm x 65cm – ❌

3 Deuba Garden Wheelbarrow 300 kg 103,5 x 51 x 92,5 cm 17 kg ❌

4 AmazonBasics Folding Garden Wagon 120 kg 103.89 x 50.8 x 70.1 cm 8,8 kg ✔️

5 BEAU JARDIN Folding Trolley Trucks 100 kg 80 x 50 x 125cm ✔️

6 Campart Travel HC-0910 Garden Cart 70 kg 39 x 20 x 75 cm 10,5 kg ✔️

7 TecTake XXL handcars 500 kg 102cm x 54cm x 79,5cm ❌

8 Super Ego – Lawn Tractor Cart – 90 x 54 x 45 cm 2,5 kg ❌

9 Sekey Folding Cart with Canopy Transport Cart 80 kg 84 x 45 x 28 cm 14,5 kg ✔️

10 SAMAX Hand Off-Road Cart 80 kg 107 x 48 x 50 cm 10,5 kg ✔️

Keter – Easy Go 2 garden cart, 55 liters

The Keter garden cart is a sturdy design with a load capacity of up to 55 litres. It is rather a small model, just 53 x 58 x 89 cm, ideal for sheets. It is made of injected polypropylene, a durable material that stands the test of time.

Due to its type of design, its use is recommended to transport leaves, firewood, and pruning. The Keter trolley is very light and handy, weighing just 2.53 kg. The two wheels are the ideal diameter to carry heavy loads on rough terrain.

TecTake Transport Car

The TecTake is a practical and modern trolley:

  • It has an interior canvas included, in addition.
  • The walls are hinged.
  • The handle is padded.

It is a professional car that resists approximately up to 550 kilograms. Its measurements are 114 × 51.5 × 65 cm, perfect for transporting bulky materials.

It has four 26 cm pneumatic wheels, perfect for rough terrain. The removable inner canvas is 100% polyester, and the structure is metallic. Its use is recommended to transport firewood and gardening materials. It is a rather heavy car, approximately 14 kilograms.

Deuba Garden trolley with tilt function

The Deuba garden cart is very special because it has a tilt function, and the axis can be steered. It is a strong and professional trolley that can support up to 300 kg of load. The truck’s barrel is made of a resistant plastic that lasts over time and does not rust. The resistant structure is made of metal to ensure more stability.

It is a rather heavy design, 17 kg, corresponding to 103.5 x 51 x 92.5 cm. It has four inflatable tires perfect for heavy loads and uneven terrain. Its use is recommended for professionals who want to transport large and heavy loads.

AmazonBasics – Foldable Garden Wagon

This foldable garden cart is perfect for transporting tools, pets, food supplies or shrubs and pruning. The structure has a resistant and extensible steel tube that ends with a plastic handle. It includes a compact and easy-to-carry duffel bag.

It is a comfortable and resistant trolley that can carry up to 120 kg and weighs only 8.8 kg. Its wheels are suitable for all types of terrain. The Amazon Basics trolley has the perfect measurements to go to the beach or go camping. They are 103.89 × 50.8 × 70.1 cm.

BEAU JARDIN Folding Trolley Trucks

The Beau wheelbarrow is the perfect car to go to the beach, family walks or work in the garden without problems. It has four solid plastic wheels that are resistant and ideal for all types of terrain. The handle is adjustable and, therefore, very easy to handle and control. The structure is made of steel and very durable fabric that can resist up to 100 kg. 

Its measurements are 82 × 59.6 × 26 cm, but its folding design makes it much more comfortable and compact. It is a perfect car to work comfortably, as it weighs only 14.34 kg. It is a stable and safe car that moves easily on any surface, even the sandiest.

Campart Travel HC-0910 Folding Garden Cart

This cart features a very sturdy folding design that can carry up to 70kg. Its four swivel wheels make it very handy and versatile: you can use it to go for a walk, go to the beach or carry your purchases. Its weight is 10.5 kg, and its measurements are 39 x 20 x 5 cm. 

The bottom plate is made of sturdy metal, and the carry bag is made of practical waterproof fabric. With just one movement, without using much force, you can fold or unfold this cart.

TecTake XXL handcars

The walls of the TecTake garden cart can be folded down with just one movement. It is a professional trolley that can load up to 544 kg on the tarp. Its dimensions are 102x54x79.5 cm; they are perfect for transporting the bulkiest objects without problems.

It has four 26 cm pneumatic wheels and a padded handle that make it versatile, comfortable and manageable. You can remove the canvas and leave only the metal structure, which can be attached to a garden tractor. The inner bag is made of 100% polyester, a firm and resistant material.

Super Ego – Lawn Tractor Cart

This multipurpose cart can be your best ally when it comes to transporting any type of garden waste. It has a resistant structure made of antioxidant aluminium. At the top, it has a balanced opening lid to facilitate the entry and removal of materials.

This is a very light garden cart, weighing just 3.16 kg, and its measurements are 59x44x6 cm. The support base for the bag is made of polypropylene, which gives the cargo bag a lot of resistance. With its two solid wheels, it is easy to transport and manoeuvre.

Sky Beach and Garden Folding Cart

The Sky garden cart is perfect for going to the beach or family outings. It weighs only 14.5 kg. It is easy to handle and very safe, as its folding design has a pair of brakes. It is a multipurpose cart with 360 ° rotating wheels. It has a canopy that protects the cargo from UV rays and a push bar

The trailer can carry loads of up to 80 kg without problems. Its measurements when open are 117x51x114 cm. When folded, it reduces its size significantly. The pneumatic wheels are 20 × 6 cm, and the structure is made of tubular steel.

SAMAX Hand Folding Off-Road Cart

Samax is a folding hand cart perfect for the garden, transporting groceries or going to the beach. Its dimensions are 107x48x50 cm, perfect for transporting bulky or very heavy objects. The maximum weight it can carry is 80kg, and it weighs only 10.5kg. Anyone could carry it.

It has a cover made of 100% polyester, and the resistant structure is made of reinforced metal. The off-road wheels turn 360 ° with ease on any terrain. It is the best garden cart for hobbyists and professionals.

The best-selling garden carts


Keter Easy Go – Garden Cart, Capacity 55 Liters, Color Green, 53 x 58 x 89 cm

  • Includes a garden cart with a capacity of 55 litres and with more resistant wheels
  • Its elegant smooth finish design makes the Easy Go 2 cart the perfect addition to your garden.
  • Ideal for easily collecting and transporting pruning and leaves
  • Garden furniture of modern design, durable, and lightweight for easy transport

26,39 EUR 

[pro.tec] Garden transport cart (Capacity 75L – 300kg) (green) folding rear (steering axle and tires)

  • Practical garden cart, with plastic container, easy to clean
  • Folding back for easy unloading
  • Capacity: 75 liters / 300 kg. (during tilt 150 kg)
  • Measurements: (Length x Width x Height) 51 x 92.5 cm x 103.5 – Container (exterior): 95 x 52 x 22 cm

93,99 EUR

AKTIVE 62651 – Beach trolley 77×45.5×63 / 93 cm-Red

  • easy to transport
  • Adjustable handle
  • Maximum weight: 68 kg
  • Made of polyester and steel

59,95 EUR

Erebos Garden cart with profiled wheels supports up to 550 kg, foldable, green, removable tarpaulin, steel wheels with ball bearings, includes handle and drawbar, platform

  • Using the cart as a trailer for riding mowers and tractors
  • Large load surface supports up to 550 kg
  • Fully removable sidewalls for easy loading and unloading
  • Inner canvas can be easily washed

105,89 EUR

Relaxdays Garden Cart with Tipper up to 200 kg, Steel-Plastic-Rubber, Green, 50.5 x 52.5 x 115.5 cm

  • Transport: the hand truck helps you transport garden waste, dirt, firewood and much more
  • Tilting: to unload, pull the handle back and tip the plastic box forward
  • Off-road: the garden wagon is easy to drive thanks to the four patterned tires and the steering axle
  • Practical: the plastic tipper is easy to clean; capacity up to about 75 l / 200 kg of weight

104,90 EUR

GF 80005770 – Garden Trash Can, Black Color

  • Trolley to conveniently dispose of garden debris, such as leaves and pruning debris.
  • Light and easy to transport, yet very stable.
  • With wheels and lid.
  • Includes one bag (capacity 100 litres).

39,59 EUR 

Timber Ridge Beach Trolley Big Wheels, Folding Trolley Transport for Garden Beach Campaign Outdoor Shopping, Trolley with Cover Bag Adjustable Handle up to 80kg, Blue.

  • Large Capacity: Its internal dimension is 89x48x30cm. It can bear a maximum load of 80.25kg. The sturdy metal frame and durable polyester fabric allow you to carry heavier items with less effort.
  • Perfect Design: Flexible 360 ​​° rotation wheels and an adjustable handlebar will save you effort when pushing and pulling. The ripple grip provides a comfortable feel in your hand.
  • Convenient Use: You only need a few seconds to extend or fold it. The basket can be removed, washed, and stored in the cover bag for later use or outdoor activities.
  • Wide Application: The cart can be widely used in your daily life and outdoor activities: shopping, camping, beach, garden, field, walking with your cute baby or pet, etc.

125,99 EUR 

Deuba Garden Hand Trolley Green max. 550kg Trolley with removable canvas and removable sides

  • MULTIPURPOSE TRANSPORT CART: The Deuba brand hand truck will get you out of trouble on many occasions. Ideal for work in the garden, like a shopping cart, transporting objects during removals, or even taking on excursions or family days at the beach.
  • EFFORTLESS TRANSPORTATION: The pneumatic wheels with steel rims are very resistant and smooth. Heavy loads can be easily transported even on uneven or muddy terrain. The versatile garden cart will exceed your expectations.
  • CONVERTIBLE TROLLEY: The practical garden trolley has removable side panels. Thanks to the quick-release clamps, they can be loaded and unloaded quickly and without complications. Transform your garden cart into a transport platform in the blink of an eye.
  • HIGH LOAD CAPACITY and MORE ADVANTAGES: The sturdy hand truck can carry up to 550 kg. The inner canvas with comfortable handles can be removed and used as a bag. It also has a separating compartment that can also be removed and used additionally.

125,95 EUR

Relaxdays, Green, XXL garden trolley up to 500 kg, Steel-Rubber-Fabric, 83 x 51 x 113 cm

  • Transport: The steel transport trolley helps you transport garden waste, groceries and more
  • Flexible: trolley with removable cloth bag and folding sides for easy loading and unloading
  • Off-road: the garden wagon is easy to drive thanks to the four tires with steel rims
  • Versatile: beach trolley to carry chairs and tables, umbrellas, bottle boxes, or to go shopping; supports up to 500 kg

139,00 EUR

Tec Hit 390670 garden cart wheelbarrow 67 litres 2 wheels Diam. 170 mm

  • Garden cart
  • 67-litre wheelbarrow
  • Two wheels Diameter: 170 mm
  • Ultra-resistant material car

76,49 EUR of garden carts

What garden carts to buy?

Garden carts are very functional work tools that can get you out of more than one predicament. They are designed to carry almost anything you want inside. Its design is responsible for optimizing the effort to protect your spine from any inappropriate exercise.

Choosing the perfect garden cart for you is not easy. There are many things you should take into account before doing so. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know to buy a garden cart. 

Measures – garden carts

Garden carts are very versatile tools that are ideal for different types of activities. Among the characteristics that determine the use that you can give to your garden tool are the measurements. According to the places where you plan to develop, the ideal measures vary.

The more compact the cart, the easier it is to pass through narrow places such as door frames. You must always take into account the use that you are going to give your cart. In this way, you can know with certainty the places through which you will travel and the ideal measures for you. 

The perfect size for your garden cart also varies according to the type of materials you plan to transport. To work with waste or bulky materials, the cart must be larger than the average. If what you plan to transport are leaves and branches, an average of 97 x 57 x 61 is enough.

Load capacity (the maximum weight it supports)

The maximum weight that the garden cart can support is a feature to keep in mind. When choosing your garden cart, the relationship between measurements and the maximum capacity it supports must be precise. garden carts

Depending on the materials you plan to transport, the maximum load that the garden cart should carry varies. The load capacity is related to the type of material and the number of wheels on the cart. In general, it usually varies between 60 and 550 kilograms. garden carts

The garden carts that support the greatest loads are those designed for professional use. They can even be used to transport building materials and just about anything you need. Those that are less resistant are perfect for keeping small gardens clean and in good condition. garden carts

Trolley weight

Garden trolleys are very functional tools that help you with heavy loads and protect your back. However, if the tool itself is heavy, the help it offers is less. Ideally, buy a lightweight garden cart that does not add weight to the load you carry. All this without sacrificing strength or maximum tool capacity. garden carts.

Type of materials

The type of material with which the garden trolleys are made is decisive for their different uses. The most resistant ones, made for professionals, are usually made of steel or reinforced aluminium. However, the latter is also a bit heavier. garden carts

There are garden carts for all tastes and needs; there are even those with plastic structures. These are the least resistant and lightest, perfect for transporting light and small bulky things. garden carts

Some models of garden carts include a canvas or polyester bag. This extra feature comes in handy when it comes to moving small objects with ease. garden carts

Wheels type

One essential part of garden carts is the wheels. Some models have two, and others have four, depending on the purpose of the design. In any case, the wheels are of two types, pneumatic and solid. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to working. garden carts

Solid wheels are usually more resistant than pneumatic ones, as they do not puncture. You can also use them until they are gone without replacing them due to wear and tear. However, they are not suitable for rolling on all types of terrain. On surfaces that are too smooth or uneven, they are likely to slip. garden carts

On the other hand, Pneumatic tires have the disadvantage that with a little bad luck, they can get punctured. However, these are the most recommended for tough jobs and outdoors. Garden carts with pneumatic wheels have a very good grip, even on difficult surfaces. garden carts

Images for garden carts

  • wooden
  • heavy duty
  • plastic
  • folding
  • steel
  • metal
  • walmart
  • lawn
  • diy
  • utility
  • 2 wheel
  • flat
  • nursery
  • wheeled
  • amazon
  • outdoor
  • large
  • poly
  • yard
  • 4 wheel


There are several extra features or functionalities that a garden cart can have. The folding design is one of them. This is a very important feature because it facilitates the storage and transport of the cart by reducing its size. garden carts Before choosing a folding design, make sure it doesn’t compromise the strength of the tool.

Brakes are a very important extra feature for safety and comfort. Simply apply the brake to have complete control of your garden cart, no matter how heavy it is. garden carts

Other outstanding features can be the extendable handle and the possibility of tilting the trolley. The extendable handle allows the trolley to be adapted to the size of any user exactly for greater comfort. In this way, you can keep your spine always protected and optimize the effort to the maximum garden carts;

For what uses is it recommended?

According to the type of material, the wheel, and the cart’s functionalities, it is recommended for different uses. Although at first, they were models designed for the garden’s care and cleaning, they currently have many uses. 

Originally they had to transport firewood, branches and pruning debris from green areas. However, their features have been perfected so much that you can put them to practically any use. The lightest cars with wheels with better grip are perfect for the beach and going out for family walks; there are even models with a canvas hood that protects the load from the effects of the sun. Garden carts that have a removable bag are perfect for shopping and moving light items. You can even go camping with a pet that has mobility problems by taking it in the car. garden carts.

Where to buy a garden carts?

There are several options for garden carts.

Buy in a physical store.

You can buy a garden cart at Leroy Merlin or Ikea, as well as in specialized stores in your city or town, such as hardware stores, but it is not certain that they have exactly these models and at this affordable price garden carts.

Buy second hand – garden carts

Another possibility is to buy second-hand garden carts, which you can find on websites such as Milanuncios or Wallapop. We do not recommend this purchase since it entails assuming the risk that the tool does not work well or has some damage, in addition to not having purchase, shipping and return guarantees garden carts.

Online shopping – garden carts

From our website, we bet on Amazon as the safest platform to buy online with the best prices. In addition to having the best purchase, shipping and return guarantees on the Internet garden carts.

To buy the product online, you just have to click on the image or the buy button, and you will be redirected to Amazon. Then add the offer to the shopping cart; indicate the address where you want to receive it. Keep in mind that with Amazon Prime, you will have 24-hour shipping to any point in Spain for most of the products in the catalogue. We group the best manufacturers and brands and others not so well known, but that meet all expectations, with the aim that you can choose from a wide variety of prices and offers garden carts.

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