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The best black christmas tree 2022- Review

black christmas tree

The best black christmas tree 2022- Review

There are many reasons why you might decide to use a black Christmas tree. However, the main one could be to maintain the atmosphere inside your home, since if most of your furniture is black, the Christmas tree will not be the exception.

It took me forty years to discover that the king of all colours is black.

You could receive opinions saying that Black is not Christmas, but that is a big lie. Although the typical Christmas colours are white, red and green, the decoration has evolved until you can use any colour in the decoration.

What does the Color black represent?

The Color black has been associated throughout history as a colour of dark energies. However, interior decoration and the fashion industry have overturned this meaning, positioning the Color black at the tip of the eye—lists of decoration and clothing options.

In interior design and decoration, Black is associated with a meaning of wealth, elegance. However, the recommendation is to use it as a secondary colour. Therefore, it is perfect to choose it as the Color. Of a Christmas tree.

The sobriety and elegance of the black Color are some of the most used in interior decoration.

If the decoration of your home is minimalist and your furniture is mainly cut with straight and square lines, a black Christmas tree will suit perfectly. The recommendation is that if you choose a black Christmas tree, decorate it with a few objects and lights that offer sober tones, preferably white, to balance a black load of your tree.

What are the most recommended models in black Christmas trees?

The variety of models in Black is very wide since many brands on the market offer trees in Black for a large number of people. The most important thing is that you remember that the tree must fit your decoration and meet the needs of your home. You can also get a variety of black synthetic trees in the shape of a classic tree.

The use of Black to decorate your home could cause you a bit of controversy when choosing your tree, so you should keep in mind that the colour black means sobriety and elegance and those elements can be a perfect contrast to the energy.

How to decorate ?

Surely you know that the black Color, due to its neutrality, can combine with any other colour without any problem. However, in the case of decorating a Christmas tree, you must keep certain tones that can combine with your tree and maintain the elegance and the spirit of Christmas. Here are some tips that might inspire you.

It would help if you did not censor yourself with the decoration. However, you must remember that many colours or lights on this type of tree are not usually the best thing to do.

Decoration with golden details

Gold is a colour widely used in Christmas decoration and combines perfectly with Black. Bet on decorating your tree with only some golden lights, and you will see how the balance you can achieve is really beautiful.

Decoration with flowers

Although it seems that Black and flowers are not compatible at first glance, that is a lie. A few white or grey flowers added to the normal decoration of your can give an original touch to your Christmas tree.

Decoration with geometric ornaments

Geometric ornaments are a trend in Christmas decorations and are fully compatible. Remember that Black represents elegance and is compatible with straight furniture and lines. Therefore these ornaments will be very consistent with your black Christmas tree.

“Creepy Elegant” style decoration

If you want to add a little to the dark side of your tree, you could choose a model that does not have so much foliage, and the branches are the protagonists of the design. You will only have to place some garlands and a set of white lights, and you will have the correct decoration for your black tree.

Decorated with black ornaments

If you are a lover of this Color, Black will never be enough, so you can bet on decorating with ornaments that maintain the Color. The important thing, in this case, is to combine with other colours such as silver and some white lights so that it is not just darkness and becomes elegance.

Decoration with grey Color

Although it may not seem like an option, in reality, grey is a shade that can lower the cold hue of a black tree and give you a little more comfort. Various grey and metallic tones can give a special touch to your Christmas and combine perfectly with your black Christmas tree.

What are the advantages of a black Christmas tree?

The trees and the decoration in black tones have unique advantages that mainly give the characteristics of this Color. In addition, Black has great uses that you might not be perceiving the first time.

Do not get away from decorating your home at Christmas. You can stay true with a black tree.

Mainly there is the load of calm and elegance that black grants in the decoration. However, the advantages are very wide. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing a black tree to decorate your Christmas.

Elegant decor

The Christmas decoration with a black tree will be really elegant, as long as the decorations are appropriate and combined with the rest of your home. Do not break the elegance of your decoration by using a tree that does not match your spaces.

Little maintenance

The black Color has great resistance to elements such as dust or the restless hands of the little ones in the house, so one of the main advantages of using a black tree is that you can be sure that it will resist dirt much better than other Christmas trees.

It doesn’t need a lot of ornaments.

You can maintain the sobriety that black Color offers you and make a minimalist decoration of it. A set of lights, some decorations that match and voila, you will have a perfect tree to keep the Christmas spirit without leaving aside the elegance of your spaces.

Black Christmas Tree

Black Christmas trees are not the happiest we can find, but they are the most elegant and beautiful. Since it is not a very sold type of tree, there is not much variety, but we will collect the best models here. If you don’t want to read the analysis of all of them, we leave you the best black Christmas tree for each size (80cm 150cm 180cm 210cm) in value for money.

These are some honorable mentions

  • Creative Christmas tree black 180 cm
  • SAATCHI Bushy Imperial Pine Artificial Deluxe…
  • DLP Black Artificial Premium Hinged Spruce …
  • Best Season 608-14 – 608-14 Christmas tree 
  • SAATCHI Artificial Tree 1.2 m, Color Black, …

Small Black Christmas Trees (90 cm – 120 cm)

We have included those models with a height equal to or less than 120 cm within the small black Christmas trees. Specifically, we have selected three models: The first and second models are the cheapest and simplest. They measure 60 cm and do not include their decoration. If we are tight on budget and want a black Christmas tree to decorate ourselves, it is the best option. We already have higher quality black Christmas trees from the second model that we recommend, with more branches, a better design, and a more beautiful finish. Some of these models come with built-in led lights, so their price is also a bit increased.

Of all the small black Christmas trees models, the best purchase we consider to be options 3 (DLPY) and 4 (Led Lights), both for the quality of their materials and the final result. The fourth option already includes lighting, so it is a plus. These models also allow us to personalize our Christmas tree with all the decorations we want, and its price is not excessive.

Medium Black Artificial Christmas Trees (150 – 180 cm)

We have selected those 150 and 180 cm models as medium black Christmas trees, specifically three normal models and one premium. The normal models are available in both sizes, plain and good quality trees. The first model is the recommended purchase if we are looking for a 150 cm tree, a tree available in various heights with lots of shiny black branches, built-in led lights, and the lowest price. If we are looking for a 180 cm model, we will opt for the second model, cheaper, without lights but with a great finish. It is also not a bad option to choose the one you like the most regardless of its price.

In addition, we have selected a premium model that takes the Christmas tree experience to a higher level: we present the black Christmas tree with a snowy effect system. If you want to see snow constantly falling on your tree, this is undoubtedly your best buy.

One concept Everwhite – Artificial Christmas tree, Christmas tree, Pine, Snow simulation, 180 cm Height, 30 Piece decoration, String of Lights, Blue LED lighting, Black

Large Black Christmas Trees (210 – 240 cm)

Large or giant black Christmas trees are ideal for placing in large rooms because due to their size if they are very boxed in, they may not look quite right. It is also common to see this type of tree in commercial spaces whose corporate Color is black and white. They have a great impact and are a magnet for photos. These black Christmas trees are not very common, so their price tends to skyrocket. The tree we recommend is the first, which is available in a 210 cm size. The other model, a 210 cm or 240 cm fir tree, is also large and leafy and has a much higher price.

No products found.

In addition to black Christmas trees, there are other models of different colours, for example, silver Christmas trees, very original models that are well-decorated look great. Perfect for giving an elegant and modern touch to the decoration of our home.

How to Decorate

If you wonder how to decorate a black Christmas tree, you should know that decorating a black Christmas tree is not a difficult task since, as with white Christmas trees, almost any other colour combines with them. Even so, it is true that some colours can make the black Christmas tree look more beautiful since the contrasts can be greater. We leave this to your liking.

The decoration for a black Christmas tree is mainly based on ornaments, balls, and lighting. These three elements are necessary to have a nice decorated black Christmas tree. Starting with the colours that we will use for our decoration, we recommend white, since it is the opposite of Black and gives it contrast and elegance. If we want to give it a more colourful appearance, we can use colours such as purple or blue. However, in terms of lighting, we do recommend that it be white.

Our black and white Christmas tree is important that it is not overloaded with decorative elements, so if we notice that the surface of the tree is full of objects, we should remove some. one of the elements that best fit the bows is to add a few white bows. Next, we will place the different white balls alternately and spaced apart, and finally, surrounding the tree, we will add the lighting, which we recommend be white led lights. Thus, our black and white Christmas tree will be bright and attract the eyes of the whole world. Are you ready?

Buy Black Christmas Tree

When buying a black Christmas tree, we have to look closely and compare the prices well since these trees do not have much variety of models, so that we can find very notable differences. It is important to be aware that although the tree is a bit expensive if its quality is good, we can reuse it for 10 or 15 Christmases. This is something that we tend to forget, and that is important to appreciate. The price of a medium-sized black Christmas tree can easily be around 60-70 euros, a higher price than a traditional tree, but bear in mind that we are buying a much more whole tree. Buy your black Christmas tree now!


  • The combination that no Christmas will let you down. If you can decorate your black Christmas tree with these colours, you will achieve a sophisticated style in this particular design.


  • Let the Color completely invade your Christmas decorations. On the black tree, add the classic Christmas lights and look like the MOST original this Christmas.

Images for black christmas tree

  • decorated
  • red
  • gold
  • white
  • purple
  • upside down
  • silver
  • pink
  • gothic
  • halloween
  • slim
  • modern
  • pre lit
  • rustic
  • transparent
  • small
  • nightmare before christmas
  • lights
  • blue



  • trend of Christmas decoration for 2019 is to replace the spheres and change them for flowers. Yes, and the most tropical and exotic you can find! The best contrast is orchids. YOU WILL LOVE the result.


  • Dear emo side, THIS is your ideal Christmas tree. Yes, in the style of Jack, you can put a unique twist on this Christmas decoration and let your love for the witching season last until the end of the year. Bats, orange and purple colours are the best allies to achieve this look on your Christmas tree!


  • Although your dark side comes to the fore thanks to this trend, remember that this Color is very elegant, so you can combine clean lines and structured details in the decoration to give sophistication to your Christmas tree.


  • Goodbye foliage! If you want to increase the originality of your Christmas, go for it with a ‘dry’ appearance. Decorate it with elegant ornaments that include glitter, crystal appearance, and you will surprise everyone.


  • Oh yeah! This Color will never be enough. Dare to put more black spheres with different finishes (matte, textured or glossy), and we assure you you will be the most original house.


  • Yes, combining all your decorations with grey and silver tones will make the ‘cold’ feeling of this particular Christmas tree disappear, and you will achieve the most comfortable season in the world.

People also ask

Is there a black Christmas tree ?

Black artificial trees put a modern twist on the holidays. Choose a decorating theme that showcases your style and dresses up your home to the nines. Take your pick from Treetopia’s black Christmas trees in full, slim, or pencil silhouettes.

What color looks good?

Black goes well with white, ivory, gold, silver, navy, pink, fuchsia and almost any color you can imagine, and it always brings chic! Even if you’ve already tried black and white and black and gold Christmas décor, there’s a thing that is sure to surprise all your guests: a black Christmas tree.

How do you flock a black Christmas tree?

Move around your tree in small sections. Spray each section with water, sift flocking powder over it, and spray with water again. Continue to do this until the entire tree is flocked. If any sections look a bit bare, simply repeat the process until you are satisfied with how it looks.

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