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Stove Top Grills Superb Indoor Grilling for Pancakes, Grilling 2022

stove top grills

Stove Top Grills Superb Indoor Grilling for Pancakes, Grilling 2022

Preparing the best dishes and giving your kitchen a new air of modernity is possible by choosing the best stove; for this, you have to consider the design and configuration of your kitchen and especially the uses you will give it. Therefore, you must take into account the following points:

  • First, choose between stove or grill, the main difference being that the stove has an integrated oven, while the grill only includes burners.
  • If purchasing a stove is better suited to your needs, consider that it can be a floor that you can place independently anywhere in the kitchen or built-in, but consider that they need a base or kitchen niche with the Correct measurement.

Type of energy – stove top grills

They are divided into three main types:

1. They are the most common and require proper installation for the type of domestic gas. There are them with manual or electronic ignition.

  1. Electrical They are safer since they do not use gas, their way of heating is using a glass-ceramic surface or with resistance burners.
  2. Induction. It is the safest on the market since its burners remain cold to the touch; the heat is generated in the specialized magnetic utensils for this type of stove.


  • Stoves are generally offered in two sizes: compact, 20 inches with four burners, or medium with 30 inches and up to 6 burners.
  • In the case of grills, there is a greater variety of sizes from 20, 24, 30 and 36 inches.

Design – stove top grills

  • Some accounts with porcelain cover its others in stainless steel.
  • Other models have a protective coat. In addition, there are different configurations and sizes of burners: small, standard, jumbo, triple flame, and specialized.
  • Finally, choosing the color according to the kitchen decoration is important: stoves in white, black and gray for classic decoration, or stainless steel finish for modern decoration.

You may be changing for the first time, or you find yourself renovating an old device, which has already passed its useful life. In any case, you will most likely be faced with various options that you were not aware of. To help you in this decision, we have prepared this guide to detail and explain each of the options.


When evaluating the stove or grill to buy, you have to consider these key criteria to make the correct selection:

How much space do you have available?

Before planning the design of your kitchen, you must consider the space destined for this project to make an efficient distribution. Don’t forget that the? Work triangle? It will give better accessibility since it is the correct location between the most important areas (refrigerator, stove and sink).

How big is your family?

You have to make sure that the chosen kitchen offers enough space to make the preparations that your family consumes.

In apartments for one person or couples without children, a stove or grill with 2 to 4 burners can perform well.

In small families (3 to 4 members), a stove or grill with 4 to 5 burners will do the job. Large families or those professionally dedicated to the kitchen will find it more convenient to use equipment with more than five burners and, in the same way, a large capacity oven.

What is your style? – stove top grills

Although traditional stoves have adopted increasingly modern finishes, the covers have a more avant-garde appearance.

These are characterized by their clean construction, with minimal instruments for their operation, allowing minimalist decorations.

Traditional stoves also have their charm for those who like a more conservative setting. You can even get models made entirely of stainless steel that provides a robust, state-of-the-art appearance.

Fuel – stove top grills

Take into consideration that natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than liquefied gas (LP). It also disperses more quickly, which reduces the risk of explosions. In case of leaks, the liquefied gas tends to concentrate, which is why the cylinders and tanks with this liquid fuel must be located in ventilated places.

When comparing gaseous fuels, liquefied gas in Chile is up to 18% cheaper than natural gas for residential uses, according to measurements from recent years.

Natural gas is a gaseous fuel that is distributed exclusively through pipelines. The liquefied gas is distributed in the liquid form contained in cylinders. It is commonly sold in cylinders for domestic use, although some housing projects have larger capacity tanks that distribute this fuel through pipes to each of the units. Check with your community administration the type of fuel available in your home.

Take into consideration that natural gas emits less carbon dioxide than liquefied gas. It also disperses more quickly, which reduces the risk of explosions. In case of leaks, the liquefied gas tends to concentrate, which is why the cylinders and tanks with this liquid fuel must be located in ventilated places.

Most importantly, the taste.

Suppose you can’t give up crispy-edged fries and fried eggs; a gas stove may be your best option. The gas keeps the cooking temperature constant, which is optimal for traditional dishes and stews. In the Vitroceramic or induction stoves, many techniques and patience are required to reproduce the crunchy texture and rich flavour of slow cooking.

TRADITIONAL stove top grills

How to choose a traditional stove?

When we think of a stove, we imagine the traditional devices that combine a hob and oven in a single structure. They are already a must in most old kitchens with a variable size but are usually very similar.

The standard models have four burners, and the largest ones have 6. At Sodimac, you can get equipment with a width of less than 50 cm up to more than 200 cm. Generally, they tend to run on gas, but electric ones are also available.

Their main advantage is their quick installation; they simply have to be plugged in and connected to the gas supply. In addition, most homes consider a special space to locate them, so it is not necessary to do a special construction project to find space for them.

And although most of them are very similar, it is good that you consider their different factors when choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Fuel type – stove top grills

Regarding the fuel with which they work, you can find three options for traditional stoves:

– Natural


– Liquefied gas – Electric

Of the 3, those with natural gas are the ones that have the lowest energy cost and are the ones that emit the least pollutants.

Compared to natural gas, liquefied gas usually has a slightly higher cost and produces more pollutants due to higher sulfur content. Both require a certified installation to prevent leaks and ensure the safety of your home.

If for any reason, you need to change the type of gas that your stove uses, it is a job that you can request from the technical service of the manufacturer of your equipment or a certified technician. This process consists of changing the injectors of the burners and furnaces because natural gas circulates at a higher pressure than liquefied gas.

You can also find electric stoves, although they are more difficult to find since separate grills and ovens tend to sell more than all-in-one appliances today.

Electric stoves with iron plate burners have the highest energy consumption because this material takes more time and energy to heat up.

Material fabrication – stove top grills

There are two alternatives here. The former has a metal structure with a special paint coating and stainless steel ones. The latter hide stains better, but you should verify that it is not chrome or coated stove since when hit, they can generate fractures that are finally very easy to rust in the long term. Ideally, the entire structure should be made of stainless steel.

Other benefits – stove top grills

There are important features that you should pay attention to choose the most functional traditional kitchen, for example:

– Tempered glass cover: it is a top cover that closes over the burners. It is a light resistance surface, which expands the workspace of your stove. You can take advantage of it to support objects or prepare dishes when the stove is off.

– Double oven: you can find traditional stoves with two gas or hybrid ovens since one of them works with electricity and the other with gas. It can be very useful for professional cooks or if you do a lot of baking.

The timer is a control that allows you to set the exact cooking time and normally activates an audible alarm to warn when the selected period has passed.

– Removable oven doors: it is a practical attribute if you use the oven frequently since you can remove the doors when you need to do a deep cleaning.

HOB stove top grills

How to choose the ideal grill?

Grills can come built into your stove or be a device to add to a piece of furniture. There are even portable gas or electric ones, so you can move them around your home wherever you want. The variety is wide, although the main thing to consider when choosing one is a few that we list below.

Number of burners

There are small models with 1 or 2 burners. They are ideal for small families or single people. These models can be found in portable versions where there are even electric or propane gas alternatives.

4-burner stoves are the most traditional. You can find this alternative in the models with a built-in oven or covers, which you must install in a piece of furniture prepared for it. Five or more burners are useful for very large families or for people fond of cooking, who may want to make an extra income.

Installation – stove top grills

Make sure that there is nothing under the countertop area where you are going to recess the stove to obstruct the recess of the grill. The embedment must be in the area where the heating elements and the plug to connect the stove are located. This part is hidden. Check that the measurements fit the conditions of your space.

Experts also recommend installing the countertop grill 5 cm from the back wall and 10 cm from the side walls.

Fuel type – stove top grills

In the same order of importance is choosing your grill based on the fuel you use. There are two broad categories: gas and electric. Let’s see now what is the performance of each of these options:


There is equipment adapted to work with natural gas or liquefied gas. The first is distributed exclusively by pipes, and the second is presented in cylinders for individual use or tanks to supply buildings through a network of pipes.

– Natural gas is mostly methane, so it is consumed as it is obtained. Its only processing is to add an artificial odor to be detected in case of leaks. It registers less emission of pollutants and is cheaper than liquefied gas.

– Liquefied gas is a compound of butane, polypropylene and propane. It is distributed in liquid form in cylindrical containers. It produces a more intense flame than natural gas so that it can heat more intensely. However, these qualities make it tend to concentrate more in the event of a leak and therefore, it is necessary to locate the cylinders in well-ventilated places.


– It is cheaper than electricity.

– Heats faster than electric cookers.

– Preparations over direct flame better preserve the nutrients and flavors of the food.


– Burners get dirty faster from soot (smoke resulting from incomplete combustion) and food spillage.

– They need periodic cleaning.

– The use of gas implies a certified installation.

Electric – stove top grills

There are different types of electric grills. They are starting with the glass-ceramic, which began to appear in the 70s. The advantage of these devices is that you do not need a gas or fuel liquid to operate with them, which represents a significant increase in home security. The available variants are the following:

1. From cast iron plates: They have electrical resistances that transfer heat to cast iron plates.


– They allow using a great diversity of utensils.

– They do not require special products for cleaning.

– They take time to cool down after turning off, which makes it possible to take advantage of the residual heat to complete the cooking of the food.


– They are the slowest on the market to heat up.

– They have a very high electricity consumption.

2. Induction: They generate a magnetic field that heats the container but not the glass surface. They require the use of utensils adapted for induction grills with a base of ferromagnetic material.

Advantages: stove top grills

– They only heat the container, avoiding the risk of burns by contact or the food sticking if they overflow.

– They are easy to clean.

– it takes less time to heat up, which saves energy.


– They have a high acquisition cost.

– Only special pots or pans for induction cookers can be used. They do not transfer heat to aluminium, clay, glass or ceramic utensils.

– It is more difficult to reproduce the flavour of traditional dishes.

3. Vitroceramic: It is an intermediate option between gas and induction grills. It generates heat by electrical resistances located under the glass. Heats everything placed on the plate, so they require a greater cleaning effort if any liquid or food overflows.

Advantages: stove top grills

– They have a lower acquisition cost than induction.

– Allows you to use utensils made of various materials (iron, clay, aluminium).

– It generates residual heat, so after turning off the burner, it will continue cooking for a certain time.


– They take longer to heat up and cool down.

– Higher electricity consumption.

– Cleaning must be done with special products to avoid scratching the surface.

Special functions – stove top grills

When considering which countertop to buy, look at additional features that improve its performance and enhance its safety. Some of these facilities are also integrated by certain models of traditional grills.

– Electric ignition: It is a small electrical spark used to ignite the fire of the burners. Normally, traditional cookers with this function also allow the oven to be switched on electronically. It saves you the need to use matches or lighters.

– Valve that cuts the gas: It is a mechanism that cuts the gas supply when the flame goes out. It is a safety measure that eliminates the worry of being away from home without knowing if we leave the gas supply of any burners.

– Stainless steel covers: The kitchens and grills with this material stand out for their easy cleaning and modern style. It is a metal that resists temperature changes, liquid overflow and food loads throughout its useful life.

– Tempered glass covers: It is used for the surface of electric Vitro ceramic or induction cookers. The glass of glass-ceramic cookers must be cleaned with a special cream to prevent damage.

– Cast iron or glazed grills: They are the supports responsible for holding the pans on the burners. The cast-iron grates guarantee high resistance to loads and are long-lasting. The tiled finish prevents the adhesion of food splatters from facilitating the cleaning of these components.

Triple ring or crown burners – stove top grills

It is an innovation that some manufacturers have implemented. They consist of burners with triple fire output, resulting in a power 20% higher than the other burners. It is special for frying, woking and placing large pots and pans.

– Double circuit or expandable dishes: It is a facility of some electric cookers and consists of dishes with an internal and external circumference, which can be turned on independently. The advantage is that it allows the smallest circle to be turned on for small containers, and both are activated when larger diameter pots or pans are used.

– Digital panel: Touch controls to choose the temperature of the dishes or burners. It is a system that is used mainly in electric cookers.

– Residual heat indicator: It is a light signal that indicates when the dishes still have a high temperature (60 ° C or more). This is an essential safety mechanism in glass-ceramic cookers because they cool down after the glass dishes are turned off.

– Disconnection due to spillage of liquid: It is a safety complement that some induction electric cookers include, which disconnects the control panel when it detects that an object or liquid covers the sensors.

– Automatic disconnection: It is a mechanism that cuts the current when it detects that one or more dishes were left on by mistake or when there are no changes in power after a certain time.

stove top grills

How to choose the ideal stove top grills?

Do you have plans to renovate your current oven, or do you need one for your new house or apartment? As you explore the options, you will discover that choosing the oven of your dreams is easier than you thought.

Here are the oven options currently on the market and their key features to get you started on the right track.

Important sizes and measurements to consider

The first thing to consider is the space you have to install the oven. Keep in mind that the built-in oven has two sets of measurements—the one on the front face, where the control panel and the door are located. And the measurement of the recess corresponds to the back of the equipment and is hidden when embedding the device.

In the case of Chile, there are two standard measurements for the bottom of the cabinet where the built-in oven is located: one with a depth of 50 cm and the European standard of 60 cm.

Consider leaving a few inches at the bottom to reduce the heat it generates during its operation. Some gas ovens require installing a conduit to the outside to evacuate the heat and combustion gases.

For small kitchens, you can get compact ovens 45 cm wide. The standard measurement is 60 cm wide, and the extra-large can have a 90 cm front.

The size of the equipment determines the capacity of the preparations they can contain. Most ovens tend to have a capacity of 57 liters, and those with a larger cavity can handle a volume of 74 liters.

Types of stove top grills

The following is to evaluate the various configurations of ovens to choose the one that best suits the type of use you want to give it:

Conventional ovens are the most traditional model; they heat the air inside through two electric resistances, located in the top and bottom of the cavity. The controls allow you to heat one or both heat zones. The higher resistance is usually called a grill and is very useful for gratin and browning.

Thermal convection or fan ovens: They have the previous model’s heat zones and incorporate a fan in the back of the oven. This complement circulates the hot air resulting in more uniform cooking. They can cook foods that require continuous heat, such as roast meats or stews, in less time.

– Pyrolysis ovens: They have the configuration of convection ovens and a self-cleaning system that raises the interior temperature to 500 ° C to turn the remains of fat and food into ashes. Once turned off, charred residue can be easily removed with a brush or cloth.

stove top grills

– Hydroclean or analysis ovens: The difference with the previous model is that they have a self-cleaning mechanism that works with steam, making the grease come off and can be removed effortlessly with a cloth.

– Steam ovens: They include the benefits of convection ovens but add the steam mode. Steamed foods are characterized by being crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

– Gas ovens: Freestanding gas ovens are not so common, although they are widely used complements in traditional full-frame kitchens. Therefore, they have a higher acquisition cost. In compensation, gas is cheaper than electricity and produces fewer polluting emissions than other energy sources. Gas generates more humid heat than electric heat, preventing food from drying out.

– Microwave ovens: They integrate several functions in a single unit. The complete models usually have a pyrolysis system, steam and can be used as a microwave. They are an alternative when there are space limitations or in professional kitchens.

– Electric ovens on top: They require no installation and can be placed on any kitchen surface. They are available in different sizes and usually have a conventional or fan configuration.

Frequency of use and size of your family

According to the regularity of use and the number of people in your home, one option will suit you more than another:

– Compact conventional oven: For sporadic uses and family groups of less than three people.

– Oven with a fan: For family groups of 4 or more people, they also have a greater variety of cooking programs.

– Steam ovens: For professional cooks and frequent users. Reduce cleaning and maintenance time

Other key benefits when choosing an stove top grills

– Energy efficiency: the oven is one of the electrical appliances with the highest electrical consumption. Therefore, choose a model with energy classification A to reduce the impact on your bill.

– Rapid preheating: it is a very useful function to speed up the preparations in the oven. It should be used only when strictly necessary as it increases the electrical consumption of the oven.

– Temperature range: ovens normally operate at temperatures between 50 and 250 ° C. Although if you usually make more specialized preparations, consider the equipment that can cook at low temperatures of 30 ° C, and some even reach 270 ° C.

– Levels to change the height of trays and racks: these are slots that allow you to vary the position of the racks or trays inside the oven.

– Removable trays: the racks or trays have telescopic rails that extend fully. This reduces the possibility of burns when removing containers and dishes.

– Cold touch doors: it is a safety design that keeps the oven lid at room temperature. This is achieved by construction with several sheets of heat-resistant glass.

– Interior light: it is a widely used accessory in ovens because it allows monitoring of food preparation without opening the door, which saves energy and reduces cooking times.

– Way of opening the door: the most common way is the folding doors with a movement from top to bottom. Some models open laterally to the right or left. The type of opening must be chosen according to the installation space.

– Catalytic cleaning: it is a self-cleaning system that takes advantage of the oven’s heat while it is in operation to dissolve the remains of grease and dirt. For this reason, these ovens have rough walls, which retain the fat without it sticking. Dirt removal is done with a dry cloth after the oven has cooled down.

– Tangential ventilation: it is a heat dissipation system used by most electric ovens. It consists of a fan that attracts cold air and mixes it with the hot air emitted by the oven, then distributes it around to keep the surface of the oven and the cabinet where it is built-in at a safe temperature.

Tips for using the stove top grills

– Take advantage of the energy consumed by the oven by preparing several dishes simultaneously or considerable portions of food.

– Avoid using the oven to reheat or defrost food, as some other methods and appliances use less energy to perform these functions.

– Do not turn off the oven just before completing your preparations. It is recommended to turn off a few minutes before the residual heat completes the cooking point.

– Consider door locks and protectors on the oven control panel to prevent children from opening the lid or turning on the oven.


Along with acquiring the kitchen, you should consider having a hood. This appliance is fixed on top of the kitchen and fulfills the function of absorbing the vapors, fats, and odors generated in the preparations. There are two types of hood, those for the outside outlet and the filtering ones; choose the one that suits you according to your needs.


Energy efficiency – stove top grills

– Whenever possible, cover the pots or pans while you are cooking; this will help concentrate the heat and better preserve the flavors and nutrients of the food.

– If the pans and pots you use have dented bases in addition to a bad image, they will also take longer to heat up and therefore use more energy. If you have utensils in these conditions, it is time to change them.

– Use containers of a size proportional to the amount of food you want to prepare.

– For long cooking, use pressure cookers, and you will save time and energy.

– In glass-ceramic stoves and grills, it takes advantage of the residual heat to finish cooking the food. You can do this by turning off the burner 5 minutes before the estimated cooking time is reached.

– When you need to boil water to prepare food, only use the necessary amount. Since the more water you add, the more time and energy it will require to heat up.

Care and cleaning – stove top grills

– Working with a clean stove/grill and oven improves the performance of these appliances, saving you time and energy. That is why you must keep them clean.

– To clean the glass doors, stainless steel and aluminum surfaces of your stove, it is recommended to use a soft cloth or sponge with a mild detergent or degreaser.

– It is not recommended to use lemon or solvent in cleaning. It is also not recommended to use aluminum foil on the stainless steel cooktop or oven floor.

– Take care of your gas stove or grill, cleaning up any liquid or food that has spilled on the burners. Wait until the appliance has cooled down and clean each burner component with a sponge, soap and water.

– Regular cleaning of the burners prevents the holes and slots from clogging, reducing their performance and increasing the risk of accidents.

– Take care of your gas stove or grill, cleaning up any liquid or food that has spilled on the burners. Wait until the appliance has cooled down and clean each burner component with a sponge, soap and water.

– Molten sugar or foods with a high sugar content should be immediately removed from the cooking area with the help of a glass racket.

Tips for use and safety measures – stove top grills

– The stove or grill should be installed in a place protected from the wind, so it is not recommended to place it under windows or at a point exposed to drafts. Since the breeze could extinguish the flame, letting the gas escape without consuming it.

– Avoid the fall and impacts of hard or pointed objects on the surface of the glass and its edges.

– The first installation of the stove or grill to the gas supply and any repair must be carried out by duly certified technicians.

– In electrical equipment, make sure that the plugs are in good condition to avoid breakdowns. Consider plugging in a surge protector if you live in an area with constant power failures.

– Consider having smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and smoke extractors in your kitchen to reduce the risk of fires.

We hope this information has been useful for you; at Sodimac, we love to help you.

What are the grills on a stove called?

Accessories. Some cooktops come with interchangeable accessories for the original four burners. Some examples of stove accessories include grills, griddles, and woks. These can slide over two of the main burners or sit between all four burners in the center of your stovetop.

Can I grill on stove top? – stove top grills

If you want to grill but don’t have room or time to get it going, use your stove to grill. Simply set a long grill pan or skillet over your gas or electric burners. Once you’ve preheated the grill pan, place the food you want to cook on it and grill it on both sides until it’s as done as you like.

What is the difference between a plancha and a griddle?

In simple terms, one manufacturer explains, “the main difference between a plancha and a griddle is that the plancha has very high heat concentrated right over the burner under the plate with a gradual decrease in temperature as you go toward the edges.” This is by design and allows you to sear foods and develop a

How do you grill griddle on stove top?

How to Use Cast Iron Griddle on Gas Stove

  1. Step 1: Place the Griddle on the Stove. The first thing you are to do after you’re done cleaning up the griddle is to place it on the stove. …
  2. Step 2: Start the Heat. The next part on your to-do list would be starting the heat. …
  3. Step 3: Grease the Griddle. …
  4. Step 4: Cook the Food.

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