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Relax and feel like an astronaut with a zero gravity chair

zero gravity chair

Relax and feel like an astronaut with a zero gravity chair

NASA developed the “Zero Gravity” position with the comfort of astronauts in mind. And that’s what chairs like the Amazon Basics JC080 replicate.

If you want to relieve all the tensions in your body and mind, or if you want to enjoy great comfort while sitting in the garden or on the beach, you will need a zero gravity chair. These can be of great help, especially the Amazon Basics JC080 since they will allow you to enjoy a very comfortable experience.

Zero gravity chairs are those that allow you to adopt a position called “Zero Gravity”. This is a position developed by NASA so that the astronauts during take-off were exposed to as little pressure as possible on both their spines and their extremities.

These chairs are designed to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, and minimize stress on the heart. But, not all are the same, so choosing a quality model is not as simple as it may seem because there is a wide variety of offers on the market to choose zero gravity chair

What is the best zero gravity chair?

By choosing a zero gravity chair, you will be able to recline and relax regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors. They are a great solution so that you can have great comfort in your daily life, and that is why today we have selected the seven best options you can buy :

Amazon Basics JC080 Zero Gravity Chair

If you are looking for a chair that gives you great comfort and allows you to have the most relaxing experience possible, this will undoubtedly be a great option. It is designed for exteriors, but also so that you can use it inside your home. It will offer you maximum comfort thanks to the fact that it is padded, which will offer you a much more relaxing sensation, and is zero gravity. You can take advantage of it to have great benefits.

It has a removable headrest and a cup holder, so you can have greater comfort while using it. This chair folds easily so that who can easily store it anywhere because it will be very compact. It is made with a sturdy steel frame and high-quality Oxford cotton fabric, easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Users who have bought this chair have terrific opinions about it, assuring that “it is of great quality, very comfortable and has a good construction that supports up to 90KG of weight “. On the other hand, they assure that “it is a wide chair, it adjusts in several positions being comfortable, and you can raise your feet only if you lie down in the chair .” It is a great option, which will offer you great comfort, and will allow you to have a relaxing experience.

Outsunny ES84B-388BK0731 Zero Gravity Chair

It is a zero-gravity lounger, allowing incredible comfort to not exert pressure on the spine and extremities. In this way, it will offer you great relaxation and will allow you to relieve stress completely. It has a headrest cushion that is adjustable and removable, which will allow you to have maximum comfort when using this chair.

It also incorporates an awning to protect you from the sun, and it has slots so you can place everything you want in a very comfortable way. Its structure is made of resistant metal, and its fabric is entirely breathable. It is highly resistant to weathering, UV rays and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use without any inconvenience. In addition, its design is entirely ergonomic to offer you the best possible experience when it comes to relaxing your body.

The reviews of this model by users who have bought it are very positive, ensuring that “it is straightforward to fold, very comfortable, and offers a great experience when using it .” They also emphasize that ” the visor it brings is wonderful, and you can fold it back if you are not using it to avoid direct sun on your face .” It is undoubtedly a great option to use outdoors and protect you against the sun’s rays, thus achieving greater comfort and protection.

Amazon Basics LF60040 Zero Gravity Chair

It is a chair designed specifically for outdoor use, and that provides a great experience of weightlessness while it is used. It has a coated steel structure which allows it to be more resistant. Despite being made of steel, it is a model that will be pretty comfortable and easy to transport without any effort.

It has a double elastic tape fastening system that will be in charge of joining the fabric safely. It is resistant to the elements, which means that you can use it anywhere without any problem. Its maximum load capacity is 136KG, and its headrest is fully padded and adjustable for greater comfort.

It is one of the best-selling chairs for its value for money, and the opinions of customers are very positive, ensuring that “it is a chair that is very comfortable, and very quickly because it will only be enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. “. In addition, they affirm that “it is very cheap, making it a great option if you are looking for a cheap model that has excellent quality “. It has one of the best value for money on the market and great comfort when using it. zero gravity chair

Solmar zero gravity chair

This is a very high-quality zero gravity chair with a structure made of light steel and is very resistant. It is coated with electrostatic paint, which means that it can have the maximum possible durability, and thus you will avoid any problems when using it outdoors.

It has excellent resistance since it has a maximum weight capacity of 150KG, which allows you to sit firmly and avoid accidents. zero gravity chair

It is made with a high-quality fabric, which makes it very resistant, and will not deteriorate quickly. In addition, it is a very light model that you can quickly move anywhere because it only weighs 7.5KG. The chair is entirely breathable, which means that it will not overheat at all, and thanks to its high-quality fabric, it will be a very resistant model that you can use even on the beach. zero gravity chair

Those who have bought this model have excellent reviews about it, ensuring that “it offers great comfort, is easily collected and allows you to rest comfortably whenever you need it .

” In addition, they affirm that “it is of excellent quality, offering an excellent value for money so that you can have maximum versatility “. It is undoubtedly a great solution, especially if you are looking for a light and resistant chair. zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chair Lola Home 127046

If you are looking for a chair that is very striking and of excellent quality, without a doubt, this model will be ideal for you. It is a zero gravity chair model, which has a design in a mustard yellow colour that is quite striking and gives it a unique touch. Its fabric is of very high quality, which gives it excellent resistance and will allow you always to have great comfort.

It is made with a black stainless steel structure, which gives it excellent resistance. It has a 25mm tubular design, which will allow you to have excellent resistance, and it comes lacquered with anti-corrosion Epoxy paint. It is an ideal model for both indoors and outdoors and to fully complement the experience. It includes a headrest cushion so that you have greater comfort when using it.

There are many positive opinions that this model of zero gravity chair has, highlighting that “it fulfils its mission, it is very comfortable, of high quality you just have to get the hang of it so that you can lie down comfortably in the chair .” On the other hand, they affirm that “it has excellent comfort, it is straightforward to assemble, as well as being very light and easy to store “—a great option and with a very striking design. zero gravity chair

KG KITGARDEN Osaka zero gravity chair

This is a zero gravity chair with a highly resistant steel structure, which gives it excellent durability. It has a Textilene seat, which is breathable and will allow you to achieve great comfort consistently. In addition, it includes an adjustable headrest that will allow you to have the maximum possible comfort when using it. zero gravity chair

It has an entirely ergonomic design, and with its multi-position fixing system, you can adjust it to the position you like the most. This model is manufactured to resist a total of up to 120KG. It is available in medium and large sizes, and you can choose between three different colours according to your tastes, making it an excellent option for your rest. zero gravity chair

Users who have bought this model have excellent opinions about it, assuring that “it is very comfortable, cheap, and if you put a cushion on it it will be a great option to rest and have a very relaxing experience “. They also emphasize that ” the quality of the fabric is quite good, and the colour it has is quite good .” It is a good and resistant model that will give you long days of relaxation. zero gravity chair

Zero gravity chair Outsunny ES84B-227BU0731

If you are looking for a cheap recliner, this will be an excellent option for you. It can be adapted to several levels so that you can achieve the perfect recline, depending on the moment. Who can use it both indoors and outdoors in a comfortable way and without deterioration? It is made with a steel structure lacquered in black, which gives it excellent resistance, and its armrests have an ergonomic design that will adapt to your body. zero gravity chair

Its Textilene fabric is entirely breathable, and it is attached to the chair through the double elastic rubber method. It has a padded and completely removable headrest to provide the maximum possible comfort to the chair. Who can fold it into a reasonably compact size, which means that you do not have any problems when it comes to storing it or taking it anywhere.zero gravity chair

Those who have bought this model have excellent reviews about it, ensuring that “it is a great product with a very balanced value for money made in materials that are quite resistant .” On the other hand, they affirm that ” the chair is very comfortable and wide, but it weighs a lot, so it is a bit difficult to move it .” It is a good chair that you can find available in three different colours according to your tastes and what you are looking for zero gravity chair

Guide to buying a zero gravity chair

It is crucial that before buying an outdoor zero gravity chair, you should take a good look at some key points. Among the main points to take into consideration will be the following:

Chair capacity

It is important to note that most chairs are made to support a total weight of up to 135KG. However, some will not support all this weight and may fall a little short, so it is essential to verify that the chairs support the people’s weight. Otherwise, you could have problems with the chairs because they could break when you sit down.zero gravity chair


It is essential to keep in mind that storage is primarily because these chairs should be easy to store anywhere. For this reason, it will always be an excellent option to choose a model that can easily fold, and thus you will achieve great comfort, even to take it elsewhere.

Weather resistance

These chairs are used especially outdoors. For this reason, you must make sure that they are highly resistant to the sun and weather damage. In this way, if it is not necessary, you will not have to store them because they will be designed to resist perfectly outside the home.

Extra accessories

It is important to note that some zero gravity chairs come with accessories such as a headrest cushion. These will allow you to have great comfort, and you must make sure that they are mobile so that you can fully adapt them to your needs.

Others have drink holders or trays that allow for great versatility. If you like to be more comfortable, some even come padded, which will allow you to have great comfort when resting in your chair.


This aspect goes hand in hand with the quality of the chair that you are going to buy. If you are going to use your chair regularly, you must make sure that the materials are of quality and that the chair will not break quickly.zero gravity chair

Sometimes it is worth investing a little more money in a chair that has a better quality. But, you should also take your budget into account and this way, you will achieve the maximum possible performance.

What is a zero gravity chair?

Zero gravity chairs are those that allow you to adopt a position called ” Zero Gravity “. This is a position developed by NASA so that the astronauts during take-off were exposed to as little pressure as possible on both their spines and their extremities.

These chairs are usually chairs that can be adjusted in several different positions, and they can also be used as conventional chairs. These chairs are specially designed to provide a position that is as comfortable as possible and that you can always enjoy great comfort while you relax in your chair or while you are lying in it.

How to use a zero gravity chair?

The chairs zero gravity are straightforward to use since most have a very easy to use mechanism. Everything will be as easy as sitting in the chair and adapting it to the position in which you feel most comfortable so that you can enjoy a good experience.zero gravity chair

It will be essential to keep in mind that their position will be adjusted in most of these chairs by pushing the chair with your back. This way, you can make sure you get a perfect fit to have a very comfortable position.

Remember that these types of chairs are not designed to raise your feet individually without you having to lie on the chair. This is because they have a specific design to adopt a position that reduces the tension on your spine and helps you have a very relaxing experience.

Differences between a zero gravity chair and a regular chair

If we compare zero gravity chairs with regular chairs, we will notice the difference between the two immediately. The main differences that these chairs have from ordinary chairs will be the following:

  • They are chairs that allow you to adopt a reclined position with your feet higher than your head. This allows the pressure on the spine to be reduced and will put less strain on the heart.
  • These chairs have a slightly inclined backrest, which helps stabilize the spine. This is compared to the 90 ° position that is formed with the hip in a conventional chair.
  • It will also allow you to use it as a conventional chair or as a rocking chair, allowing you to use the same furniture with different functionalities.
  • They have a design that will be wholly ergonomic and can be adapted to various postures. This depends on the user’s activities, unlike conventional chairs that only offer the 90 ° position.

There is no doubt that these chairs are a significant advantage over conventional chairs, mainly because they will allow you to achieve the maximum possible comfort. These allow from taking a restful nap to watching television or enjoying a good book outdoors.

Benefits of a zero gravity chair

The chair zero gravity will allow you to have many benefits in terms of your health and well-being that can bring being the main to consider:

  • They reduce swelling: thanks to the posture adopted with this type of chair, you will reduce fluid retention in the lower part of the body. This will allow you to have better blood circulation in general.
  • Improve your breathing: they are a good solution for apnea or asthma problems because they allow you to raise your torso and align your neck so that the air usually flows.
  • Improve the health of your heart: these chairs allow your heart to release pressure, which will allow you to achieve less effort. By having less pressure to bear, you can ensure overall better heart health.
  • Reduces gastroesophageal reflux: thanks to its slightly inclined position, it will allow you to prevent the stomach’s acidity from rising, and for this reason, it will avoid the discomfort that this generates.
  • They reduce the pressure on the back: with these chairs, the point of gravity is changed, which makes it possible to relieve low back pain, as well as headache.

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People also ask

What does a zero gravity chair do?

Zero gravity chairs are recliners designed to suspend your body in a neutral posture where your feet are elevated in alignment with your heart. When reclined in a zero gravity chair, you experience a weightless sensation, allowing you to deeply relax and release tension.zero gravity chair

Are zero gravity chairs bad for you?

The health benefits of zero gravity chairs help get more oxygen to your blood, aiding in any circulation issues. In the zero gravity position, the heart is aligned with your feet and is able to work more effectively, as well as minimize stress on the heart.zero gravity chair

Can you watch TV in a zero gravity chair?

Using a Zero Gravity Chair in the Living Room

As the focal living space in your home, you want it to be well-decorated and inviting while fitting your style and needs. Having a zero gravity chair in the living room provides endless uses. It can be the perfect recliner for watching tv.zero gravity chair

Are zero gravity chairs comfortable to sleep in?

Yes, especially because sleeping in the zero gravity position reduces pressure on the body. The position can also improve breathing and blood flow, along with a range of other benefits.zero gravity chair

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